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DEAF BIBLE CHAT (Wednesdays)

Let us buy you a coffee as you join us for a Deaf Bible chat at Wholefoods!!!

DATE: Wednesdays

TIME: 7pm

PLACE: Wholefoods--3420 Veterans Memorial Blvd, Metairie, LA

(meet in the area with tables in the front of the store at 7pm)

Hello Everyone! We are glad to announce that the Deaf Church will meet at Wholefoods for our summer Deaf Bible Chat. We thought it would be a fun change. This way you can grab your dinner, a snack or a cup of coffee and then sit down to join us for an hour of fun and encouragement as we study the Bible together. If you don't have money, no worries, we would love to buy you a cup of coffee. All are welcomed to join us. Bring your Bible and friends. If you don't have a Bible, we would be glad to give you one.

(NOTE: If you want a special kind of milk or cream in your coffee (like coconut or almond), let us know in advance so we can have it ready for you. If you prefer to buy something else other than the coffee we provide you, arrive early enough to buy your own food or drink before you sit down to join us for the Deaf Bible Chat for 7pm. You will have many food options to choose from. There is a gigantic food and salad bar. 2 soup bars, a pizza bar, a sandwich bar, a deli, a sushi bar, an open grill (with the best burgers in the world!) ... you can also pick whatever meat you want and they will cook it for you for an extra charge, a barbeque bar, a bakery and a coffee shop ... and then a whole store full of healthy foods and pre-cut veggies and fruit. ENDLESS choices!!!)

Hope to see you there!!!


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